The law firm of Agrapidis & Maroules offers its clients a wide range of fully encompassing business and commercial legal services to individuals, partnerships and companies. We represent clients engaged in a variety of business activities which include real estate management, development, manufacturing, restaurant and food services, and professional services.

We offer our clients support in the formation of a business, to the financing phase as well as any ongoing operations. Such support includes assistance in selecting an entity structure, documenting relative rights and obligations of founders, developing executive and non-executive compensation plans and policies, stock option and stock plans, as well as providing our business owners with guidance on issues arising with advisory boards and board of director related matters.

The most critical service provided to our clients is the negotiation of contracts with vendors, suppliers, lenders, landlords and employees, which provide the necessary solutions for sound business growth. In addition, many of our clients also require our expertise on ongoing business transactions such as marketing agreements, licensing, joint ventures, sales agreements and other important commercial arrangements.

Whether your business is in its initial startup phase, already established and growing in size and profits, or preparing to dissolve, there are a number of transactions that will affect your business structure, liability or interests. At the law firm of Agrapidis & Maroules we strive to represent our clients throughout the life of their business to ensure that all aspects of business transactions taken can protect the business and personal interests of our clients.

We are highly experienced in the following business transactions:

Business formation

We are here to represent our clients at the inception of their business to ensure the business is formed properly. Our team can handle the formation of a variety of business entities including: corporations, LLCs, partnerships, or any other business structure.

Contract review and drafting

We are always available to advise you of your rights and obligations before entering into a contract. Our lawyers have a combined experience of over 75 years negotiating, drafting, reviewing employee contracts, buying/selling agreements, purchase and sale agreements, as well as commercial lease and real estate contracts.

Business documents

Conducting day-to-day business operations, requires the usage of documents which may hold significant legal implications. Our team of attorneys are experienced in providing knowledgeable general counsel and representation to businesses, including developing invoice forms, employee handbooks, records and other documentation important and essential everyday items required to protect your business in all its stages.

Purchase and sale of a business

We represent both buyers and sellers of businesses. Our team of trusted attorneys can inform you of any rights or obligations involved with a stock purchase or asset-only purchase.

Business dissolution

When faced with the dissolution of a business, partnership, limited liability company or corporation, our team can advise you of your personal rights and obligations an ensure that all of your interests are protected.

Please contact us at Agrapidis & Maroulesr for a free consultation to speak with an experienced New Jersey business lawyer from our firm to help you with all of your varying business needs.


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