Our firm settles many cases each week and hundreds of cases each year. The following list is a small sample of recent results. Additional information can be obtained during a consultation with one of our attorneys.

$100,000 for car accident

A 44 year old motorist involved in an accident with another car which ran a stop sign. Plaintiff had a shoulder injury plus aggravation of prior neck and back problems

$250,000 for slip and fall accident

A 65 year old man injured his knee in a slip and fall accident in a his condominium complex. Plaintiff had prior issues with his knee which were aggravated in this accident. He ultimately had knee replacement surgery which was attributable in part to the fall and in part to his prior existing knee problems.

$115,000 for drunk driver accident

A 32 year old passenger in a motor vehicle was struck head on by a drunk driver. Plaintiff suffered multiple injuries including a fracture of his left femur. The case settled for the policy limits of the drivers involved in this accident.

$167,500 for rear end collision accident

A 60+ year old man was injured in a rear end collision. Plaintiff required rotator cuff surgery and carpal tunnel release.

$125,000 for slip and fall accident

A 24 year old engineer who slipped and fell on ice in his apartment complex, sustained a fracture of his elbow.

$150,000 for pedestrian accident

A 44 year old pedestrian walking in the roadway who was struck by a tractor trailer and suffered a broken leg. The settlement included contribution from an adjacent property owner. The property owner failed to clear the snow and ice from the sidewalk, which compelled the pedestrian to walk in the street.

$95,000 for pedestrian accident

A woman was struck by a van which was making a left turn. She had knee surgery and sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck and back.

$295,000 for pedestrian accident

A settlement for a pedestrian who was struck by a car which was backing out of a driveway. The plaintiff sustained internal injuries, a broken collar bone and other orthopaedic injuries.

$1,000,000 for motorcycle accident

A 62 year old man sustained multiple injuries after his motorcycle was struck by a commercial vehicle. Liability was not contested. The plaintiff was out of work for approximately one year but he then was able to return to work full time. The case settled for the defendant’s policy limits of $1,000,000.00, which included the property damage to the motorcycle, the payment of plaintiff’s medical bills, reimbursement of lost wages and damages for pain and suffering.

$150,000 for fork lift operator

A 55 year old hi/low operator was injured after he lost control of his fork lift. Plaintiff claimed that the fork lift malfunctioned. The defendants disputed liability. Plaintiff underwent surgery to his lower back and right shoulder. The case settled before trial for $150,000.00. The fork lift driver also received a permanency settlement from his employers’ workers compensation insurance carrier of approximately $80,000.00.

$100,000 for automobile passenger

A 23 years old college student was a passenger in a private passenger vehicle. She sustained injuries to her head and face after the driver lost control of the vehicle. She survived the accident without any significant scarring or permanent injury. The case settled for the driver’s policy limits of $100,000.00 prior to the filing a lawsuit.

$120,000 for bus passenger

A bus passenger sustained injuries after the bus collided with a truck, including a tear to her left rotator cuff which was surgically repaired. The defendant bus driver and the defendant truck driver blamed each other for the accident. The case settled prior to trial for $120,000.00 with contributions from both the bus driver and the truck driver. The settlement included a portion for the payment of plaintiff’s medical bills.

$90,000 for dog bite

A 30 year old state employee was attacked on the public side walk in front of a house after the homeowner’s dog ran out of the front door. The dog bit the plaintiff’s leg and caused significant bruising and lacerations. There was residual scarring but no permanent neurological or orthopedic damage. The case settled prior to trial for $90,000.00.

$75,000 for slip and fall incident

The plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck and back after she slipped and fell on food inside the store of a major grocery chain. Plaintiff’s treatment including cervical and lumbar epidural injections to help alleviate the pain. A lawsuit was filed in Superior Court which was subsequently removed to New Jersey Federal District Court. Following depositions, a settlement conference was held before a United States Magistrate Judge where the case was settled.

$650,000 award after mediation

J.H. a middle aged woman from Bayonne, NJ was struck by a N.J. Transit bus while crossing the street in the crosswalk. She sustained a fractured ankle which required surgery and hardware as well as injury to her lumbar spine. The client did undergo injection procedures for pain. The client did not have a lost wage claim. The award of $650,000 included pain and suffering and the payment of outstanding medical bills.

$500,000 award after mediation for the death of a 15 year old autistic girl from Paramus NJ

Ms. S. was a passenger in a van while being transported to a special facility for routine medical treatment. The minor was autistic. While travelling on Route 80, the van was involved in an accident. As a result Ms. S. died and a wrongful death action was filed by our firm in Superior Court, Bergen County. Due to the requirements of the Supreme Court decision of Green v. Bitner, the emotional stress of the parents was not admissible as evidence at the time of trial. As a result, the defendant offered a settlement of only $125,000 which was rejected. The defendant argued that the autistic child could not contribute economically to the family and therefore the claim must be discounted. We retained an economic expert to place a value on the time which the child would have spent as a companion to her mother and father. The mediator agreed that there should be a value for companionship and valued the claim at $500,000. This amount was paid by the defendant prior to trial.

$1,050,000 Arbitration award for truck mechanic

While working underneath a truck in a lot located in Harrison, NJ, M.G. was run over when the truck's driver accidentally started the truck and moved forward. M.G., who was still under the truck, tried to move out of the way but was struck. He suffered a crush injury to his left arm and shoulder, as well as severe scarring to his head and the side of his face requiring skin grafting and surgery. The case was filed in Superior Court, Hudson County. An arbitration took place and an award was entered for $1,050,000. The case ultimately settled for $990,000.

$100,000 for pedestrian stuck by motorist

A chef was on his way to work. He parked his car and then walked towards the restaurant to start his day’s work. Two cars collided in the intersection in front of him as he was waiting on the sidewalk to cross the street. One the vehicles jumped the curb and struck our client. He sustained injuries to his neck, shoulder and knee. The case settled for the $100,000.00 policy limits of the driver who was responsible for causing this accident.

$135,000 for slip and fall accident

A business executive was walking in the lobby of his building towards the elevator. He slipped and fell on a wet floor in the lobby and sustained injuries to his lower back which required surgery. The client had previous issues with his lower back. The case settled for $135,000.00 at a settlement conference held in the courthouse.

$250,000 for pedestrian stuck by truck

A.B. was walking to his home in Newark at night after visiting a friend. He crossed a wide street and was struck by a delivery truck. He sustained injuries to neck, left shoulder, lower back, left knee and left leg, including a fracture to his left tibia. All medical bills were paid by the New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association (PLIGA). The case settled after depositions were taken for $250,000.00.

$150,000 for rear end collision

A 71 year old woman with prior neck and lower back issues was struck in the rear while driving on the highway. She had cervical decompression and fusion following the accident. The case settled for $150,000.00 prior to filing suit.

$300,000 for driver struck by out of control vehicle

A 39 year old electrician was operating his employer’s van when he was struck by a passenger vehicle which abruptly changed lanes and then went out of control. He sustained injuries to his neck, lower back and both hands. He had several epidural injections to treat his neck and back injuries, and bi-lateral carpel tunnel surgery for both wrists. The insurance company for the person causing the accident paid their policy limit. We then pursued our client’s employers under insured motorist’s policy. The total settlement was $300,000.00 which included all outstanding medical bills and liens.

$400,000 Settlement of Claim against Ambulance Company

The widow of an 86 year old man came to our firm soon after her husband's demise. She related that her husband was being transported by ambulance from a nursing home to another medical facility for kidney dialysis treatment. The ambulance driver and attendant dropped the husband while they were moving him from the ambulance into the facility. The man hit his head on the ground. Soon afterwards, he started to develop cognitive issues and was hospitalized. He died approximately five (5) weeks after this incident from a blood clot in his brain. The husband had bills totaling over $150,000.00 which were paid by Medicare.

Our firm brought suit against the ambulance company, the medical facility and the property owner for pain and suffering on behalf of the deceased husband, loss of services to his widow, loss of income and payment of the Medicare lien. After the parties agreed to mediate the dispute, the case was successfully resolved and the defendants agreed to pay to the widow a combined total of $400,000.00.

$95,000 Settlement of Automobile Accident Case with Disputed Liability

A regional manager of a national food chain was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike when his vehicle was side-swiped by another vehicle, causing the car to spin and to hit the divider. The defendant claimed that our client side-swiped her vehicle. The defendant's insurance carrier denied the claim. Both parties obtained liability experts to support their respective versions as to how the accident occurred. Our client suffered injuries to his spine including disc bulges and herniations. There was a significant worker's compensation lien. After attending a settlement conference, arbitration and numerous negotiations, the defendant's insurance carrier agreed to pay $95,000.00, which was $5,000.00 less than the defendant's policy limits of $100,000.00.

$100,000 Settlement of Passenger's Claim in an Automobile Accident Involving Underinsured Motorist's Claims

Our client was a back seat passenger in a car which was being driven by a friend. The driver lost control of the vehicle and struck another car. Our client's leg was broken. He required several months of physical therapy. The driver of the vehicle paid her policy limits of $15,000.00 to the plaintiff. Our client then pursued a claim against his own insurance company under the underinsured motorist's provisions of his automobile insurance policy. The insurance company paid the available coverage of $85,000.00, thus making the total settlement $100,000.00.

$40,000 Automobile Accident Case Settlement

An automobile case involving a rear end hit on Marin Boulevard in Jersey City was settled by our firm in 2017. Our client was a 40 years old at the time of the accident. She had no emergency room treatment. The damage to her vehicle was moderate. The injuries included soft tissue injuries to the neck and back and a Grade II tear to the meniscus of the right knee. Our client had a prior accident several years ago with some similar soft tissue injuries. The defendant’s insurance company claimed that the knee injury was not related to this car accident. The case settled for $40,000.00.

$115,000 Slip & Fall Settlement

A 23 year old laborer slipped and fell on black ice in front of a commercial building in Jersey City, New Jersey. He sustained a fracture to his left ankle and was unable to work for approximately two (2) months after the accident. The property owner denied that he was responsible for causing the accident. The case was settled in 2017 for $115,000.00.

$107,000 Commercial Vehicle Accident Settlement

A Union City resident was struck by a commercial vehicle which was pulling out of a loading zone while she was operating her vehicle on a side street. She sustained a tear of a tendon in her left shoulder which was corrected surgically. In addition, she had soft tissue injuries to her neck and back. She underwent epidural injections to her neck and lower back and several months of physical therapy. The case settled in 2017 for $107,000.00.

$312,000 Truck Accident Settlement

An automobile mechanic was on his way to work on Route 1 & 9 in North Bergen, New Jersey. His vehicle was struck on the passenger side by a truck which was pulling out from a stop sign. The plaintiff underwent cervical fusion surgery and a rotator cuff repair to his right shoulder. He was out of work for one year during which time he received disability payments. He had two prior accidents in which he was injured. The case settled in 2017 for $312,000.00.

$100,000 Auto Accident Settlement

A 68 year old gentlemen was shopping in a convenience store in Bergen County when he was struck by an out-of- control vehicle which drove through the front window. He suffered a serious fracture to his leg which required an extended hospital stay and over one month in a rehabilitation facility. The case settled for $100,000.00 which represented the full insurance policy limits of the driver which caused the accident.

$32,000 Auto Accident Settlement

A Mahwah resident was driving on the highway in August, 2015 when his vehicle was struck by another car which changed lanes abruptly. He sustained soft tissue injuries to his neck and back and a minor fracture of one of his fingers. The client attended physical therapy for several months but had no surgeries. The case was settled in 2017 prior to filing suit for $32,000.00.

$60,000 Auto Accident Settlement

A Hudson County resident was driving a truck when his vehicle was struck by an automobile and then pushed into another truck. He sustained soft tissue injuries to his neck and lower back which were treated by a chiropractor. He also underwent physical therapy for several weeks and one lumbar epidural injection. The case against the driver causing the accident was settled for $60,000.00. The related worker’s compensation was resolved in 2017 for $28,300.00.

$65,000 Auto Accident Settlement

Our client was involved in a relatively minor impact accident on Route 22 east near Green Brook, New Jersey. She had selected the limitation on lawsuit option on her automobile insurance policy. She underwent arthroscopic knee surgery related to the accident. The defendant’s insurance company offered $1,500.00 prior to the filing of the lawsuit. The lawsuit then was filed in Hudson County which is where the plaintiff resided. We obtained at $65,000.00 settlement prior to the first trial call.

$25,000 Slip & Fall Settlement

The plaintiff had a slip and fall accident on snow and ice in the parking lot of his apartment building. He had minimal treatment which consisted of a several therapy sessions at the local hospital for his injured wrist. The case settled for $25,000.00 after suit was filed in Hudson County but before depositions were taken.

$57,500.000 Motor Vehicle Collision Settlement

We obtained at $57,500.00 settlement prior to the first trial call in a motor vehicle collision matter venued in Essex County. The accident occurred in Montclair. The client had selected the limitation on lawsuit option on his auto insurance. He had chiropractic treatment but did not undergo any injections or surgeries for his soft tissue injuries.

$35,000 Settlement

A woman tripped over an uneven sidewalk in front of a convenience store. She received minimal treatment for her soft tissue injuries to her neck and lower back. The client had similar injuries from a prior motor vehicle accident. The settlement was for $35,000.00.

$105,000 Injury Settlement

A truck driver was injured trying to connect a trailer to a cab in a trucking yard. He suffered a shoulder injury. The resultant surgery was successful with little scarring. Plaintiff regained almost complete mobility in the shoulder. The case settled for $105,000.00.


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